Alfredo Ratinoff

The Alfredo Ratinoff Studio in Hyattsville offers an apprentice program for students interested in further developing their knowledge of ceramics and taking their career to the next level. Students learn a variety of ceramic techniques through individual and group instruction from Alfredo. The program offers handbuilding, tilemaking, glaze making and formulation, decoration techniques and mold making. The participants of the program have been working with Alfredo for the past five years exploring each of the different aspects of the clay, and some will be starting their own careers as ceramic artists. The students in the apprentice program are: Clara Aisenstein, Lara Bayer, Lesley Bender, Judita D’Oliveira, Marcelon Kert, Marcela Ramirez, Cathy Reed and Marianne Skinner. Currently the program is full and therefore, no spaces are available.
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