Alfredo Ratinoff

Alfredo has been invited to teach a series of workshops during 2007 and 2008 by Stephanie Barton, glass artist and coordinator of the glass and enameling studio at Guy Mason. He has already given several workshops this year at the studio including glass fusing and painting techniques with Stephanie Barton, Keum Boo application of gold on silver jewelry, and enameling with 24 kt gold. For Fall 2008 during the month of October, Alfredo will be presenting a workshop entitled “Secrets of Verre Eglomise”. Verre eglomise ("gilded glass") is a technique used since late antiquity and revived during the Renaissance by artists such as Cennino Cennini and many others to embellish glass objects with 24 kt gold without the use of a kiln.

Alfredo will demonstrate how to create pieces of jewelry and small decorative objects highlighted in 24 kt gold leaf and painted using traditional techniques. For more information about this class as well as other offerings at the studio, please visit the Guy Mason website.